A way of living for some people for other it is luxury because they have the means to do so. But for people like me this part of what we are, I travel because I am an adventurer a person who like to do things out of the ordinary and that is why traveling has a purpose for me, I like going places that never crossed my mind I would be able go and see all those location and countries, It would help you find out more about yourself, Searching about things you want to do or accomplish in life.

Traveling is not for everybody, Some People like to be in one place and spend their entire life in that place, I am working very hard because i would like to se myself going to Countries I never saw possible but now I see all those things could become a reality.

My dreams of seeing all these place is something that I want to share with averyone, this website would be my way to show everyone about my traveling and countries, cities, towns and most inportant all the people I have met along the way, in places like, hostal, Hotels, Buses, Trains, Planes. Everybody has a special meaning for me and I have found that this bring me a lot of satisfaction in my life.

I wsih I could spend more time on the road but I can only do this a few weeks per year, But this little time that i spend traveling is just enough to keep me busy thinking about my plans of continue traveling