In life we "People" chose things that we want to do or become in our lives, for many years all I wanted to do in life was to travel to places away from my hometown "Venezuela". I have always been an Adventurer a person who like to be in different places and see things that I only dreamt in life, But for many years I was not able to do these things for many reasons that I rather forget.

Now things are a little better for me and I would like to go to those that I had in my dreams, Finding place where to go could be a challange Why? Because there are so many places, Cities, Countries to see and sometime you say to yourself " I wish I could have the time to see them all". Well in the mean time I am just taking things slow and waiting for the right time to go.

For the last few years I have seen many name of Overlander in the internet and I think why they choose those names and the meaning behind of all of them and how they got to the final choice. In my case I had a lot names that I wanted to use but I couldn't made any decision for a long time, Until one day I went with "MYONEWAYHOME". 1) I chose that name because my trip was going to be from Austin, Texas to Maracay, Venezuela. 2) It was one way trip.

But the main reason was What I like to do the rest of life which is Travel, This who I am and what I was meant to in my life. Traveling is in me and it has always been there but I was not able to take that step in my life and do just what I like, So for me if I travel it is like going home where I belong.