My name is Oscar Sosa and I would like to tell you a little be about me and why I decide to make this Journey across the Americas. I am originally from Maracay, Venezuela and I came to The United States a couple of year after I finished high school. I came with the idea of finish college and learn English and go back home, But when I finished College I decided to stay a little longer, but 20 plus years later I am still here and kicking..

I went school in the State of Virginia where I got a degree in Computer Graphics with a minor in Advertising, Since then I have worked in many differents places from Washington DC, Orlando florida, Dallas and now Austin Texas where I haved resided for the last 3 years, When I was back in Orlando, Florida I had in mind about this Journey that I always wanted to do but I was unable to it because all the bills I needed to pay, So I decided to pay every thing I owned, So I sold my house along with almost everything else, I have also been saving money for the last year more or less so I can have all the money needed for this trip, But now that have what I needed and no bills to pay, I believe that I am very ready to get on the road and get one my dreams on the way. I have a few reasons why I decide to take a trip like this one, Number one is because I am getting older I would like to see one of my dreams come to reality among other ones that I have that I hope to get them done as well, for right now I am concentrated on this one, I guest along the way south I will have time to think bout some other dreams I have and how I am going get them done, since I planning to come back to The States sometime next year around march that's going to give a lo of time. I will keep the information posted here or on my facebook. A second one is that I was getting tired of doing the same thing all the time which was: work, pay bills, go out from time to time. go see friend when I had the time Etc., wel I got tired of doing all those things for right now and I going to do things that I like to which is travel, meeting new People and do thing no everybody get do in their life time. I believe this my time and I ready for. "Wish me luck on my trip."


MTo travel to many places around the globe and in the same time I hope I can meet as People as possible and keep them as my friends.


VTo continue traveling for as long as I can or the Lord allow me and give all the time needed to go to places I have never seem.