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He then will write your license place ask for your name then He will give you direction where to go. But this a one stop building where you do everything. First you need to get everything in order.
This information is based on my trip from July 2011

This is what you need to do once you cross the border from USA into Mexico Steps to Follow:
Go to inmigration offices
Fill form for entree at the immigration office
Take it to Banjercito office and pay fee, bring it back to officer.
The officer will stamp your passport.
The officer then will give you half of the form you filled before, this is your tourist card
Make copy of your tourist card before you go back to banjercito.
Go back to Banjercito and pay fee of $43 plus taxes and deposit for car.
You will need copy of Passport, Registration. that is it. you are ready to go.

1) Photo copies of your passport.
2) Copy of your car's registration. (they didn't ask me for the copy of truck's title)
3) Your passport.

Then take all those papers with. First you need to stop for inmigration in there you will fill out a form. this split into two he will keep one and other half he will give it to you "this is the tourist card" ., when you finish filling the form he then will ask you to Banjercito to pay about $23 usd (the Banjercito is across the hallway, pay the lady and take the receipt to the Inmigration officer, Then he will stamp your passport and he will give you the tourist card. After that, make copy of the tourist card and take all the rest of the copies with you because the lady at the banjercito will ask you for, In there pay the fee for car's permit and a deposit of $300 This price depend on the year of the car, ( I paid $300 USD.) ( my car was from 2004) they will credit back that money back to your account when you return your permit at the any border when you leave Mexico.

After I did all that I fell very good because all the stories one reads online about Mexico, I wanted to get out of Tijuana because the same things you heard on TV, So I drove from Tijuana all the way down to a city called Ensenada, I liked this place very much from what I got to see only, It was friday so there were a lot of People on the streets, I stopped by Walmart and I saw a lot of People from The United States. Right after I finished my shopping, I went around the city trying to see as much as I can and taking a few photos while I was there, I had some tacos from one of those street vendors then I decided to keep moving First I tried to get me a room there but they were a little expense for me so I decided to drive a little more to find a cheaper place but at the end I Stayed in a parking lot of a little hotel close to small town call " Ojos Negros " where I spent the night. ...

Taco stand... Right across from vehicle permit building

If you are hungry or if you are waiting to get the permit to get into Mexico, right across from this building there this taco stand with some super fine tacos to try. This lady can give a lot of information about getting all the information you need to get those papers faster, Sometime it could take more time to finish the paperwork. or just you are hungry this is the place for a quick snack...

Main Entrance into Guatemala

This is main entrance into Guatemala, Here you think about getting some currency exchange ( These calculator have been fixed ) carry your own calculator.

Ok, This is what you are going to need to croos the border into Guatemala:

  • Passport
  • Title of you car
  • License
  • Copy of you car permit from the Mexico Custom
  • 160 Quetzals
This was posted on sept 8th 2011

Before you cross the border into Guatemala " MAKE SURE TO RETURN YOU CAR PERMIT " You got this at the border crossing from USA into mexico, The custom officer from Mexico Is going to give you a copy of that permit, this is the one you are going to take to Guatemala border Officer, Bring copies of all you papers just in case.. ( I got this information the day before crossing ) "THEY DO NOT TAKE PESOS OF ANY OTHER TYPE OF CURRENCIES" Only Quetzals. Remember to bring all the receipts you got from the USA/MEXICO, you will need them when you return your permit.

Exiting Guatemalan Border -- Into El Salvador

This border is a little complicated and time consuming doing the paperwork. Here are some tips for those who are planning to cross the border into El Salvador.
You will need the following papers:

  • Passport
  • Copy of Title of you car
  • Copy of your License
  • Copy of you car permit from the Guatemalan Custom (2)
  • $5.00 USD **
This was posted on Sept 8th 2011
Ok, let me begin; This is how the process goes; When you get to border there is Guy ( see picture ) he will check you car's permit from Guatemala, then you will park you car in front of the Inmigration office ( see pictures ) here you will get your passport stamp ( Exiting ).

Guatemala Exiting _Last stop -- Into El Salvador

Same photo as the one above. here you get your exting passport stamp on your passport

Into El Salvador

Here is the info for El Salvador:

Here is where you give the officer the listed below.
Remember this is just to close the paperwork of your car's permit.

  • 2 copies of the permit from Guatemala.
  • Copy of Title of you car.
  • Copy of your registration
  • Copy of your passport showing where the officer put the exit's stamp.
  • Copy of you license.
Make sure to get your copy of you car's permit before you leave for the inmigration office on the salvador side
Now that you finish your paperwork here you need to drive about 1km. down the road where you will get yous passport stamp for entering the country and you car permit at the custom office.

In this building you will get your stamp on your passport to enter El Salvador

Here Your paper is Done

Here you will get your paperwork done, When you here you need to fill 3 pieces of paper:

  • 1) list of items bring with you
  • 2) car's permit information.
  • 3) Custom's entree.
You need to fill those paper before they can help you.
Here a list of paper you will need:

  • Copies of the permit from Guatemala
  • Copy of Title of you car
  • Copy of your registration
  • Copy of you passport
  • Copy of you license.
This process can take you up to 3 hours if you have 1 or 2 People in front of you. This office is in 24/7 There is not rush here, So be very Patience.

Return paperwork Here from El Salvador

Right here is where you return your permit for your car, this is way before you get to the border with Honduras In this first stop where you return your car's permit. * You need to make 2 copies of the copy that you will get the officer, You will need it later

Honduras Border Crossing _ El Amatillo

This is where you park if you can.
Here is a list of evrything you need:

  • 2 copies of your passport with entree stamp on it ( see photo below )
  • 2 copies of your license
  • 2 copies of your tittle
  • 2 copies of your registration
  • Driver License Original
  • Passport
  • pay fee total: 642 Limpiras + $3 USD + $3USD

Honduras Border Crossing _ El Amatillo

Inside this door you get your passport stamp fee: $3 usd. ( this office is inside the big building )
When you get the paperwork done you need to come to this building to pay your fee: $642 + $3usd right next to the western union sign. After you pay the fee, go back to the office and they will give you your Passport and license. Once this is complete, you are done, you are ready to go. Estimate time here one Hour if you are the only one.

Getting to Honduras and Nicaragua order

This is all you need on the Honduras border:

  • First return yellow paper ( there is guy collecting those paper at exiting Honduras )
  • close your permit of your car( Need to make one copy )
  • exit stamp on passport
There is a guard collecting information from you passport and where you are going
( see photo below )

Leaving Honduras into Nicaragua

This is all you need on the Nicaraguan border:

  • Get your permit for your car ( Need to make one copy )
  • Get Insurance for your car., Cost $12usd good for 30 days ( Mandatory )
  • Get entree stamp on your passport ( cost $12usd )
  • Get your car spray ( Cost 68 Cordobas ) See photos
When you finish getting your permit, you need to take to the custom officer, so he can check your car and everything you are carrying with, then He will sign the paper.

Entering Nicaragua __ Las Manos

Right on this photo ( above ) before you enter Nicaragua, there a migration police, Pay him $1usd fee. Also there is another guy from Custom office he will check your car's permit, after this is done you are good to go into Nicaragua.

At the Costa Rica The paperwork could be very long, So be ready and make sure to have all papers in order. Here are the things you need to get done, In the photo below I exiting Nicaragua.

Leaving Nicaragua

On the left side on the blue and white building, There is custom officer He will sign your papers for your permit of your car.
Once you pass this guy continue forward about 200 or 300 yards where you will find the next building where you need to enter
( see photos below )

Passport stamp in this Building

*Get exit stamp on your passport here. ( cost $45 colones ) ( see photo )

When you finish getting your stamp on your passport here, Go to the other side of the building where you find the guy from custom who will check your paper work from your car, He will sign and put a number ( I think is ID number no sure ) then look for the Migration officer who will put a stamp on the permit. Once this is done you need to go to another building to finish the paper work, After, Your are free to go into the Costa Rica Border where you get your entree stamp and car permit ( see photos below )

Stamp and Sign Your Number

This is migration officer, He will stamp and sign your permit. ( need to make a copy ) Now go to next building where you will finish your paperwork. You need to make copy of your passport entree stamp and take it to this building ( see photo below )

All Paperwork is Finished in This Building

The rest of the paperwork is done in this building.

Here you finish your paperwork, To the right there is a building where you can make copies. Now that you are finished, Go the CostaRican's Border Here are the things to get done on this side. At the gate the officer will take a copy of your car's permit. ( see photo )

Entering Costa Rica _ Main Gate

At this gate go to right first and pay, then go back and go left to continue into more paperwork.

Here you pay and get your car spray. ( cost $2,175 colones ) See small photo, there is office there where you pay your fee. When you finish with spray, continue on the road and go on to the right where you will see this building inside you will get you entree stamp in to Costa Rica ( see the two following photos )

Entering Costa Rica - PaperWork

In this building you start your paperwork for your permit for your car ( only half ) This officer is going to give a form for you to fill it out. Before you go to the next building, you need to go back almost to the entrance where you got your car sprayed to get your insurance for your car ( cost $14usd ) ( see photo below )

When you get your insurance comeback to the building where you began your paperwork. From here you need to go to another building ahead about 50 or 100 meters and then make right and go to the building on the left, then go to the last window and enter the office and get on line, the officer inside will check your form and stamp it. ( see photos below )

On the Costa Rica side is very quick
* close the car permit
* Exit stamp on Passport ( See Photos below )